Of homework, fieldwork, problem solving, design and curation.


“How Things Add Up”, a short film about FÖDA by our compadres at Revelator.


Quarterly we publish a broadsheet reader called Diacritical. Get your numbered, limited edition copy here.


Currently discovering brands for an art museum, airfield, wellness club, restaurants, retailers, cafes, hotels, architecture firms… To date we’ve completed over 500 unique commissions about places, tangible experiences and people.


More than 130 Design Awards, Interviews, Lectures, and Publications from the AIGA to the AIA, Gold Addy’s to Silver Telly’s, editors picks to Pixel Awards, NYCxDesign, Gestalten, Communication Arts, How, Rockport, Pecha Kucha and many others.


FÖDA pairs best with two types of clients. One: nice people with big ideas, those who need support across the entire process of creating and operating something new. Two: founders with established businesses who recognize the strategic value of a rebrand.


Founder Jett Butler,  Dale Wallain, Stephanie Leung, Alice May Du, Heather Neumann, Niles Giberson, Julie Staab, JJ Wright, Catherine Naiser, Sarah Natsumi Moore, Kelly Cromack…


FÖDA (a Swedish word) was born of wanderlust, a love of delineation, and an enduring interest in proper typography. The rest we figured out along the way.

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Currently working in Manhattan, Minneapolis, Marfa, Seattle, Sydney, Houston, Bentonville, Austin, Kansas City…