In February 2017, we had the privilege of collaborating with Nick Simonite on our 4th campaign photo shoot for Madison Lily Rugs.


Thunderbird Hotel & Capri

Website redesign for the Thunderbird Hotel, a 24 room boutique hotel in Marfa, Texas.


Working in Manhattan

We’re currently working in Marfa, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Seattle, Houston, Austin, Bentonville and beyond…our epic case of wanderlust and curiosity is barely satiated: #spiritofplace



It takes 14 years to become a doctor.
We are not doctors.
FÖDA is fourteen.



New brand, identity and website for Hufft, a Kansas City based design collective comprised of architects, artists, designers, craftsmen and builders.



In 2009 we began studying the locations of the AIA Homes tour, using the emergent pattern as a de-facto ‘logo’. This year for the 30th Anniversary we completed the study, mapping every home location over the prior 23 years.

What emerges when overlaid?
A visualization of where Austin’s architects have done their best residential work; and perhaps a gentle indication about which communities to serve next (to locate oneself, the star is the state capitol).

For more information about tickets to the tour this weekend, visit AIA Austin.


Top Knot

Top Knot (brand and identity from FÖDA) is open!

Top Knot is a prototype for Uchi: an unabashedly playful, upstairs, patio, colorful, all day concept in Dallas — it’s imōto (妹). Informed by off-the-menu (and off-the-cuff) dishes conceived back-of-house and between covers at Uchi, the busy staff inadvertently introduced a snappy, unbuttoned relative to the polite, composed predecessor.

FÖDA’s scope of work includes the name concept, brand identity, and operations systems components from menus to coasters, way finding to pattern generation and beyond.


Velvet Dust Magazine

Velvet Dust Magazine’s Editor Jessica Thompson interviews FÖDA’s founder Jett Butler for their Metropolis Issue. The article features a number of images that demonstrate Jett’s recurring interest in the city and Spirit of Place.


South Congress Hotel

South Congress Hotel opens in September, the culmination of a collective effort by Dick Clark Architects, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, MAI (LA), with Jesse Herman ofNew Waterloo at the helm and FÖDA bringing up the rear with brand identity, way finding and e-commerce.

SCH will feature multiple restaurant concepts with shops at the street level including Sunroom, Ten Over Ten, Revival Cycles, MAÑANA, Café No Sé, Central Standard and Otoko.

This is the part where you say we dropped a lot of names and we say watch your toes.


SFC Chef Series Spring 2015

A pair of paper butterflies dressed in the guilloche patterns of our swayเสวย identity system celebrate the Spring 2015 SFC Chef Series.

Join us, SFC, Jesse Griffiths, George Thomas Michael Paley, Jeff Balfour and Scotty Szekretar.
Proceeds benefit Sustainable Food Center. The multi-course menu features meat and produce from SFC’s Farmers Market.


Woven, Together.

Our re-brand for MadisonLily came online in October. A massive inventory shoot and ad campaign was shot guerrilla style with Nick Simonite on their show room floor, hitched to a meticulous identity system.

“Woven, Together™” can be seen now on their site and in ads all over Houston. We’ll share the bulk of the campaign later this spring.



Bullfight Austin

Shawn Cirkiel’s BULLFIGHT arrives in Austin late summer 2015. The former service station has been re-imagined by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture.

Mr Cirkiel will serve dishes inspired by his time in Spain. The feria dancer and all her accoutrements come from FÖDA. Cante, toque and baile will come from you.


FÖDA is 12.

February 11 we turned 12.
Cheers to current crew and FÖDA alumni alike for making over a decade of design possible.

Role call: Dale Wallain, Tom Ahn, Stephanie Leung, Heather Neumann, Alice May Du, Rob Bode, Meryl Vedros, Bree alumni Lesley Taylor, Emily Sawtelle Erdmann, Kevin Taylor, Melissa Martin, Sean Lopano, Sissy Hobizal, Bexie Nobles, Michele Nelson, JR Crosby, Sarah Bartholow, alumni Interns Caspar Lam, Sheerin Vatankah, Claire Zimowski, Ray Delgadillo, Brandon Gamm and a cast of clients, friends and family simply too long to list.

Our deepest gratitude. Here’s to 12 more.



OohlaBean 2015

OohlaBean (yes, ooh-la-bean) is now open in Driftwood, Texas under the guidance and hospitality of Robin Garrison.

You can get ahead of the pack and call to book a room or a wedding now, full website with online reservation system comes on-line in March.



Seattle Caviar Company

For 24 years Dale & Betsy Sherrow have been bringing the best in sustainable caviar stock to their shop in the Emerald City; sharing it with their fans in the Pacific Northwest, shipping nationally.

FÖDA has rebuilt their e-commerce and identity, giving them a site that matches the quality of their product and warmth of their personality. Visit from your phone or desktop and splurge.




This time last year we were in Berlin doing research for Vertskebap. Though bitter cold, wish we could be back there tonight to see the Lichtegrenze release into the air forMauerfall.

Our Creative Director captured this image of the model at Bernauer Straße memorial. Cheers, Freunde.




SFC Chef Series

Autumn leaves are falling on swayเสวย to benefit Sustainable Food Center of Austin. For the fifth year in a row (and marking our ninth contribution in support of the SFC Chef Series) we took after the chefs, doing some making of our own, and enlisted the talent ofNick Simonite to capture the results, mid-fall. Join us as we stuff our faces with the autumn harvest from local farms and providers, transformed by the best chefs around including our pal Steve McHugh, up from Cured at Pearl in San Antonio!



Published in Knife & Fork

We’re honored to have two of our hospitality projects included in Fork & Knife published by one of our favorites, Gestalten. The book is very well curated, and includes work by some of our favorite peers like Anagrama in Mexico City and Heydays in Oslo, or our neighbors here in Austin, L A N D.

Cheers & bon appétit!



Virginia is for Lectures

In 1966 Sharon Pattie enrolled in art school and Wayne Butler entered business school; both at Virginia Commonwealth University. Graduating in 1970 and married that same year, they embarked on a lifetime of wanderlust, art and love.

Next week their son—and our Creative Director—will travel to the halls of VCU some 44 years later to lead a 2 day lecture and workshop on design and the importance of origin stories.




The Highest Point on the Gold Coast

Aurora is a 4 floor penthouse by award winning architect Blainey North, floating above Gold Coast in Queensland. Located atop SOUL, the residence is hundreds of feet above the rolling sea of Surfer’s Paradise. Literal ‘high design‘.

Ms North called it an auroral corniche. We dubbed it AURORA, developing a limited edition book to celebrate the penthouse for those who might wish to invest in this singular home.

*Full documentation to follow.



We quietly began rolling out the new Studio8 Architects brand strategy last fall. The identity system is robust and covers everything down to their title blocks.

Our favorite piece? The deceptively simple business cards that demonstrate who they are at their core.

Full post forthcoming, for now enjoy the site.


Award Winning Work

The AIGA has selected Burnish&Plumb and Jeffrey’s for the 1st and 2nd place awards in Brand Identity Systems in the 2014 Biennial Texas Show. Tony Morris’ American Classic won the Best Booklet design. These 3 awards follow similar achievements in the 2012 Biennial Texas Show, where the studio won numerous awards and took top honors in brand and identity work.


Sustainable Food Center Chef Series

Austin’s finest chefs will be coming together at La Condesa to benefit The Sustainable Food Center of Austin. The event features chefs Paul Qui and Jorge Hernandez of Qui, Shawn Cirkiel and Justin Rupp of Parkside, Olive & June & Backspace, Alexis Chong of Sway, Rick Lopez of La Condesa, and more.


Vaca y Vino

Vaca y Vino returns again this year to Bridges Ranch. The Argentine-inspired celebration of beef, wine, music, the outdoors, and our South American Roots is one weekend only and proceeds benefit the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. Sunday, April 6, 2014 at The Bridges Ranch at Wimberley, TX.


Make, Do, & Mend: BFA Seniors 2014

Seniors receiving their BFA in Design this spring from the University of Texas, College of Fine Arts open their senior show at the UT Visual Arts Center here in Austin, tonight March 28th.

These soon-to-be-alumni studied Images in Communication with FÖDA Creative Director Jett Butler during their Junior Year and had him as their Advisor for their Terminal Project. Join us to celebrate!
*Image Credit: Sheerin Vatankah, “Self-Image”



Our collaboration with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Michael Yates, Keith Kreeger, and Shawn Cirkiel is complete: CH∆VEZ is now open at the Radisson, Austin.

A thorough study in pattern language led us to hybridize letters as glyphs, re-imagining Mesoamerican textile and pottery motifs for the brand of this southwestern style, light flooded, poolside, lake view, restaurant.

Join us for bat watching and a margarita.



We’re hiring provocateurs who read Bringhurst for pleasure, designers who believe the idea is a machine that makes the art. In mediums from pixels to pulp, rebar to RGB, cotton to code; if you’d never shag sheep, this is your opportunity.



The jewel of the Pearl Brewery campus, Chef Steve McHugh’s CURED is now open in San Antonio. Smothered in history, this renovation of a 112 year old building by Jonathan Card and reappropriation of a 131 year old icon is our first serving of hospitality for our neighbors down south.

Full collateral and brand experience will be posted in a few weeks.



With the brilliant astronauts at SpaceCraft on drums and bass, the notorious Janell Shirtcliff as lead singer (and us hacking away at power chords) BEEHIVE gets the pop treatment, a rebrand and an e-commerce store for 2014.

Full tab forthcoming.


Judging Cans

FÖDA Studio Creative Director Jett Butler will be in the mall(?) Saturday, Nov 9 as a judge for Canstruction.

Canstruction® is a unique charity which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing colossal structures made entirely out of full cans of food. At the end of the event, all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations.

A great cause with unique creative output.


Small Talks

The AIGA Austin has invited Jett Butler to participate as one of three panelists for Small Talks: Type in Context tonight in Austin.


Brothers Magazine

A group of fine folks in Belgium have seen fit to publish our work for Michael Hsu and Jay Corder in the debut issue of Brothers Magazine. If you want to own it in print, you’ll need to be in Europe or hit Opening Ceremony in LA or NYC.


AIGA’s DesignEnvy

The AIGA National Office in NYC has invited Creative Director Jett Butler to guest curate for their blog DesignEnvy.

DesignEnvy asks practicing designers to post “great design [projects] that you like so much you wish you had done them yourself “. 5 selections, one local. Take a look.


UPPERCASE magazine

You will find a very kind 4 page spread in the latest issue (#19) of UPPERCASE magazine about FÖDA Studio and our creative Director Jett Butler’s inspiration for creating the studio and the inspiration that maintains us.

The article was written and shot by the illustrious Adrienne Breaux who made our studio look quite stunning.


swayเสวย wins!

Following the Bon Appétit win for Jeffrey’s & Josephine House, swayเสวย has won Best New Restaurant from the Austin Chronicle and a place on David Airey’s UK blog Identity Designed.


BonAppétit chooses Jeffrey’s & Josephine

Bon Appétit has declared Jeffrey’s & Josephine House as two of the Top 10 Best New Restaurants in the country. They even noticed the valet tags.

“Details make the difference at the country’s most stylish pair of restaurants.” — Andrew Knowlton

Cheers to MMH, the Weiss family, and all involved.


Bon Appétit’s Best

Bon Appétit has 50 nominees for their “Best New Restaurants of 2013”. Six are in Texas. Three are in Austin. Two feature Brand’s & Identities by FÖDA Studio.

We suspect one will be a top 10 finalist. Santé, salut, and ชนแก้ว!


Both Sides of the Street

On quiet South 1st, two restaurants sit opposite at the Elizabeth Street intersection. OneFrench-Vietnamese, the other Modern Thai. Their menu offerings, design concept, seating arrangement, service style and architecture could not be more different.

swayเสวย was dreamt by Jesse Herman & Rene Ortiz. Elizabeth Street Cafe by Larry McGuire & Tommy Moorman. FÖDA Studio created the brand and operational identity for both; we could not be more excited about how they compliment one another.




Eric Shaheen’s company MacPlus (of whom we are a client) knows how to make a network work, repair hardware problems, build servers, even sort out your in-box. We can’t say enough about how much fun we had solving their needs for a change.

Visit their new sites on mobile and desktop for unique attitudes about what people need in their hands when a network is down versus at their desks when they’re thinking about growth. Thermographic print collateral and a huge icon set will follow…




A new logo and identity for the legendary ByGeorge can be found in their store locations. For the WEST studio tour, a single image ad using over 5,000 buttons to introduce the new look. Full post forthcoming…


Jay Corder Architect

Launched in January of 2013, Jay Corder AIA has a new look and feel.

Based on his persona, mass/void relationships, and attention to detail, Jay’s new brand & identity feature radically different approaches to suit their respective channels. Full project posting to follow, for now, enjoy his site.


Process & Education

It is with great pleasure that we post the work of the students of DES321 in the Design Devision at the University of Texas, Austin. These Juniors took it upon themselves to put up a gallery showing at the Doty FAB of their work in a class led by FÖDA Creative Director Jett Butler in the fall of 2012. Reciprocally, FÖDA has put up a Tumblr of their work.

DES321 students explored John Berger’s call for a survey of archetypal gender imagery in Western Painting and it’s relationship to modern advertising, a 70 day adapted version of Michael Beirut’s 100 days project at Yale, and a third project called Authority which explored design without precedent and intent, measuring the reactions of a test group to arbitrary visual relationships.


FÖDA Turns Ten

We’re celebrating a decade of decadent minimalism this month; FÖDA is 10. Like any one who makes it this far we have simple perseverance, the faith of our clients, and a small team of exceptionally talented folks to credit. In a chronology of sorts, those Alumni and contributors include: Shawn Hughes, Thom Tenery, Katie Ford, JR Crosby, David Nester,David Hobizal, Michele Nelson, Rob Bode, John Hoysa, Matt Muir, Sean Lopano, Melissa Martin, Sissy Emmons (Hobizal), Caspar Lam, Brandon Gamm, Bexie Nobles, Emily Sawtelle, Lesley Taylor, Dale Wallain, Matt Williamson, Kevin Taylor and Sheerin Vatankah.


Tom Hurt Architect

Launched in January of 2013, Hurt Associates reemerges as Tom Hurt. Contemporary Architecture, material arrangement and the occasional birdhouse.

Full post to follow but for now witness how Tom’s team manages their new site content: keeping things loose and fun, they post process, inspiration and material specification all in one space.


Carefully Shaped Thai

Jesse Herman, Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki follow up La Condesa and Malverde with swayเสวย. Architecture by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Brand/Identity by FÖDA Studio, yarn bombing by Magda Sayeg, lotus flower by Evan Voyles and web by Guerilla Suit.

Each word in Thai (Garruda) was carefully translated by Pratana Kleopatinon and each letter lovingly re-shaped in our studio. Those efforts pale in comparison to the food.

swayเสวย is adjacent to Elizabeth Street Cafe.

*Full posting to follow.


Clark’s Oyster Bar

If Perla’s is the marina, Clark’s is the yacht club.

“With Clark’s Oyster Bar, McGuire and business partner Thomas Moorman Jr. have just about hit perfection…”— Lynee Margolis, Austin Monthly

Brand and Identity by FÖDA Studio, naturally. Image courtesy the amazing Casey Dunn.


McGuire-Moorman Mobility

Mobile site development may seem about as interesting as the breakdown of your data plan, but you should’ve seen us try to pack short ribs, oysters, bánh mì, a whole chicken and a map of Austin into an iPhone.
It can’t be done.
It’s messy and unsettling.

You can, however, shove smart code and a fair amount of ethnography into a phone. We’re proud to direct you to 4 new mobile sites—along with their dazzling slideshow desktop versions—just launched for McGuire Moorman Hospitality.

Each no-nonsense mobile has critical content closest to your thumb with no scrolling. Easily make reservations at Perla’s, buy tickets for a show at Lamberts, call in a bakers dozen at Elizabeth Street or nail the google pin location for Fresa’s drive thru.

The desktop/tablet sites feature stunning photography by Casey Dunn and Rebecca Fondren.

*We wish we could claim the awesome chicky brand at Fresa’s, but that comes from Paul Fucik and the exceptional folks at Arts & Recreation.


Essay & Works

Giddy fans of our talented peers, imagine our surprise when we discovered that Public School selected three of our projects for Design:Paper (Rockport Publishing) and we turned the pages the first time to see favorites like Manual, Heydays, RoAndCo and Weiden+Kennedy. New to us: Lundgren+Lindqvist from Sweden, Blok from Canada.

It’s humbling and inspiring to be included with these fine folks we’ve admired for years and along with our work for Madrone, Malverde, and Michael Hsu we contributed an essay (a first!) as well.

Beautifully curated by Cody Haltom at PublicSchool, on sale here.


Polemics & Art

A recent art show in the UK led to a critical debate; we’d like to take a position on the matter.

Artforms—by definition—are unmeasurable acts of self-expression. Such self-expression is by its nature completely given to subjective analysis and valuation, largely based on context. Self-expression cannot be gauged as universally good or bad—who would be the appropriate judge?

The simple polemic of “good” or “bad” is in fact lazy; it’s an indictment of the viewer more than a critique of the art being judged.

Art forms are best discussed in terms of relevancy or resonance. This is why design is not art. Design is problem solving, it can be measured and tested.


Running Up

We’ve been selected by HOW Magazine (May Issue) for a Merit Award in “Your Best Work”, one of only 11 studios/agencies in the U.S. to receive this recognition. The editors reviewed agencies from across the country, judging them on the criteria of their body of work not just a single project.

It’s humbling to be a runner up in this competition (just sharing ink with Wolff-Olins is a lot for a small brand consultancy like ours). In the spirit of camaraderie, we’d love to share who the winners are and congratulate our peers:
Big Agency Winner—Wolff-Olins, Merit Awards—TDA Boulder, Column Five Media, People Design, Red Antler, Hot Studio.
Small Firm Winner—Stitch, Merit Awards— Brittany Phillips, Creative Arts, FÖDA Studio, 3 Advertising, and student Jon Wong. Cheers!


Lucky 13—AIGA Texas Show

FÖDA Studio brought home 13 design awards from the AIGA Texas Show; it’s an embarrassment of riches, given the extraordinary talent of our peers and colleagues.

Humbled by the awards, we only take pride in the diversity recognized by the judges:Violet Crown, Michael Hsu, and South Texas Jazz placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively, sweeping the Brand & Identity category. These projects bear no resemblance to one another. Each project employs radically different strategies developed within a range of budgets that demonstrate (we hope) appropriate aesthetics within context. We put the project’s needs first, and it showed.

Thank you to the jurors. Cheers to the award winners. Respect to the ±500 entrants in the show.


South Texas Jazz scores BIG!

The only thing we like as much as being an award-winning design shop is having accomplished and award-winning clients.  Congratulations to The South Texas JazzQuartet who were voted ‘San Antonio’s Best Jazz Band’ in the 2012 San Antonio Current Music Poll! The recognition comes well-earned and well-deserved in their few short years on the regional music map. Cheers to our inspiring friends who are as much fun to watch as they are to work for.


A Nod for the Violet Crown

We’re always excited to get a nod from our peers and there’s no better way to be rewarded for our practice than a feature on the coveted Communication Arts homepage for the second time in the past two months. The online exhibit showcases our work on the Violet Crown Cinema right here in Austin, our most extensive brand and identity development effort to date. It’s the kind of attention that just might help our favorite theatre in town become a great place to watch classic and independent films across the nation.


Make the Weakness the Strength

This month, FÖDA Studio has been featured for two disparate projects with a common thread. Design Bureau shared our re-brand for Hamilton&Associates, a project which necessitated a parent brand for two divisions that appear incompatible. Communication Arts exhibited our work for South Texas Jazz, whose performing group often changes in roster and size, yet still needs one identity. The complexity of each assignment was met by a singular approach: the very thing that seems to work against a brand is often in fact its greatest strength. Design challenges are always thinking challenges first.


Black Red Black

Black Red Black is the best thing to happen to Austin’s jazz scene since the Elephant Room was named the ‘Sanest Place to take Mom Clubbing’ (Best of Austin, 2000) and we here at FÖDA Studio aren’t the only ones who think so. Our friends topped the lists this year, securing the coveted #1 spot on Jay Trachtenberg’s Austin Top 10 list, receiving a stellar review, and recording not one, but two already classic sessions at KUT Studio 1a. They’ve got a residency through the first quarter of the year at the Highball and we couldn’t be more proud of the opportunity we’ve had to work with them. Cheers to Ephraim, Red, Brannen and Black Red Black!


Elizabeth Street Cafe is Now Open!

Our latest effort with Larry Mcguire and Tommy Moorman is now open: Elizabeth Street Cafe. Following successful collaborations on Lamberts, Perla’s, and Bridges Ranch, this French-Vietnamese restaurant is a charming addition to south Austin’s dining options. Quaint, inexpensive—loaded with as much design detail as a bowl of pho and as much typographical sweetness as a plate of bonbons—they’re now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bon appétite!


IDEC Jury & Hochschule Rosenheim

Through Professor Linn Song at the Hochschule Rosenheim, University of Applied Sciences (Rosenheim, Germany), FÖDA Creative Director Jett Butler served this fall as a Juror for the IDEC Design Scholarships. It’s always a great privilege to be asked to consider and critique other designers work. The awards ceremony for the scholarship recipients is part of the Annual Conference in Baltimore, March 19th 2012.


Elizabeth Street Cafe

Elizabeth Street Cafe (brand and identity from FÖDA Studio) opens softly in December 2011. Noodles, bánh mì, boulangerie—a huge selection of teas, breakfast in the morning, massive to-go menu in the day and night from the same folks who brought you Lamberts & Perla’s. South First & Elizabeth St: look for imagery on our site and phở in your bowl in just a few weeks.


Published in Visual Marketing

We’ve received notification that a sample of our work will be published by Wiley this fall in Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design by David Langton and Anita Campbell. You can pre-order the book now fromAmazon, Barnes&Noble and a few other retailers.


Similar Conclusions

It sounds pessimistic—“nothing is new”—but there is a world full of designers out there seeking to solve similar problems that are age old—inevitably we’ll arrive at similar conclusions. Imagine our delight to see Anton Stanowski’s 1961 calendar graphic for Standard Elektrik. We arrived at almost the exact same idea some 50 years later. Are we late to the party, or was Anton’s work obscure? Either way, it’s validation to stay the course and a reason to read more.


New Home by the Seaholm

We’ve a new home on West Avenue in view of the Seaholm. If you’ve ever wondered about the inspiration for our identity, it’s classic structures like this that did it. Note the new location in your address book…FÖDA Studio, inc. 300 West Avenue, Suite 1322. Austin, TX 78701.


Violet Crown is now open!

After an extraordinarily brief incubation period, Violet Crown is open and showing films less than 6 months from when we first started on the project. Despite the breakneck pace, we were fortunate to be paired with Domiteaux+Baggett Architects, Kasey McCarty and Evan Voyles. This allowed us to realize the cinema as not just as a brand and experience, but as art. Reserve your seat and go see a film.


Moscow, Idaho

FÖDA Creative Director Jett Butler just completed another two day lecture and workshop for design students, this time at the College of Architecture at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. Fantastic design students and a great turnout for both events, a special thank you to faculty member and Cooper Union alumni Frank Jacobus for having us.